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Our web design promise

Charles Elena’s Melbourne web development team use the latest development technology to build robust applications. We design and implement the software that is appropriate for your brand. Our web development service also includes testing to ensure your website functions correctly.

The overall aim of our application and software development service is to increase brand loyalty and reinforce the brand’s key messages. Our designers have experience in both front-end and back-end web development processes.

Our Melbourne web development team focuses on:

Web Design Process

Developing websites with the users in mind

During the creative process, our Melbourne web development team is committed to creating websites that tell the story of your brand. To do this we make sure to understand your brand and the message it wants to convey. With this in mind, we create a website which highlights these aspects making key information easy to find for your customers.

Creating functional, user-friendly websites

Charles Elena understands that functionality is the key to a good website. Making a website user friendly ensures that your customers will stay engaged. Our web designers in Melbourne make sure all of our websites have clear and logical layouts so that your customers are easily able to find what they are looking for.

Ensuring applications can be accessed from several platforms

Our developers create user-friendly websites that can be accessed from every platform. This is especially important as users increasingly view websites from their mobile devices. We ensure that your site is mobile optimised so that your audience will be able to navigate it with ease regardless of what type of device they are using.

Why Should I Invest In A Web Developer?

There are two reasons why you should invest in a design team as opposed to creating a web page by yourself. The first one is for security purposes. There are millions of online viruses being made every day. Employing a team to help implement the correct agile development software for future technologies will ensure your networks are protected. Secondly, web designers are skilled in finding a balance between what looks good and what is functional. With years of experience, they know how to raise brand awareness and draw clients to your business.

What Are Some Important Features In A Website?

Web developers do more than just create efficient web pages, they are professional coders. Invest in a web developer who is skilled at working with code and understands why it’s important. Developers also have the ability to implement certain features to make your business stand out. Things such as client-liaison, web-based applications, links to your social channels, eCommerce functions and API Integration. API integration ensures your website processes requests seamlessly and monitors interaction between applications, data and devices.

What About Content Management?

No good website would be complete without informative, compelling and relevant copy. Conversion depends on how relatable and engaging your content is, and marketing is made easier by amazing content. Our Melbourne web design team understand what attracts clients to your business, and how to keep them reading, watching and engaging with your website.

Our team also employ effective CMS (Content Management Systems) to help manage all digital content that gets uploaded to your website – whether that be written or image based. It is particularly useful for larger businesses who have multi-user websites. Some common examples include WordPress, Drupal and Joomla open-source.

How Do We Keep You Updated?

At Charles Elena Design, our Melbourne web development team have created an extensive system that allows us to keep our clients updated. This is all without bombarding you with irrelevant information. We can chat via the phone, email, or in person to suit your preferences.

How Involved Will You Be?

As briefly mentioned above – this will be entirely up to you. We’ve found that the most effective projects can be achieved by keeping our clientele up to date with what’s going in. This includes time frames, scheduling and other important factors. But if you’d prefer to tell us what you need and trust the processes to our capable hands, we’re sure that you’ll be over the moon with our results.

Will You Work With Our Designers?

We are happy to allow our clients to be as involved as they like. At the end of the day, it’s your business, and we appreciate any input or ideas you might have. From offering suggestions or recommendations relating to the theme and style that you are after, right through to providing feedback as your design gets underway.

What Can You Expect from Your Finished Website?

One of our biggest priorities is to leave you with a website that’s both exceptional and adaptable for the future. We aim to create flexibility with our designs, enabling our clients to have editing power should they wish to change and update content.

But, Can We Manage Your Website After Designing It?

We certainly can; from blog posts right through to updating your site with your latest offers and more. If you have any queries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us for further guidance.

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How’s Best to Book Your Project?

If you’re keen to get the ball rolling, if you want a brand new website designed from the ground up, or if you’d like your existing site updated to maximise its functionality – booking can be quick and easy. We’re the web design Melbourne experts you can trust so simply get in touch with us and we’ll discuss the details once you do.


Contacting us is easy, from booking a consultation right through to calling or emailing our team. We’re happy to help and want nothing more than to create an iconic website that enhances your business effortlessly.