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Our web design checklist

By 16 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments


Over the years our website design company has continued to grow with our clients and further enhance our expert skills and knowledge. Here is our website design checklist that our website designers use every time to ensure every site is launched with the upmost care.

Not a single site is launched until our website designers are satisfied all of the following has been completed:

Regardless of what TYPE of site, our website designers always ensures first they

  • Search code for old urls
  • Spell-check the website
  • Test links
  • Change contact email addresses
  • Check for testing email accounts
  • Check for correct contact and company details
  • Create Favicon for website
  • Check images have correct alt tags
  • Check website is compatible in IE6
  • Check website in IE7, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox & Safari
  • 404 page exists


We always ensure our website designers search the database for staging site urls. In addition to this, we remove all of the test data and test users before searching the site for test articles. We also make sure the contact form works as expected. Meanwhile, our website designers also checks for style search results and if there is any error messages.


Firstly, we view the Global Configuration and enter the meta description and keywords. Like CMS, we check that the time zone matches Melbourne, but we also ensure we test the mail settings and look out for things such as how the company’s name as appears in email and its SMTP details. We also make sure present template files and Joomla images are deleted. Most importantly, we install a security pack and setup .htaccess for our clients.


Search Engine Optimisation is an important tactic for successful businesses, which is why we ensure we have our clients’ keyword list and the title tag changes with the keyword, while also making sure we never duplicate a title tag on the site. The meta description will be throughout the site and the heading tag structures will always be in order and consistent with the site design. Our website design company also checks for alt tag changes, making sure each image is correctly named according to the targeted keyphrase on the page. Wherever required we interlink and we ensure the keyword density for the site’s content is consistent with the page titles.


Before launching the site, we check the list of domain names (if there is more than one) and ensure the site name is functioning. In addition, our web design company checks the domain name control panel details. We also verify the list of existing email addresses and passwords. We are also careful to backup the old website (and database) as well as setup a Google Analytics account and a Google Analytics tracking code if the client doesn’t already have one. On top of this, we compile all of the website details into the passwords database. Finally our team adds the website to and submits the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools – now the site is ready to launch!


Charles Elena is a leading website design company. Our website designers have a strong focus on evaluation to ensure we meet your company’s expectations. We check to make sure the site is being indexed by Google’s Webmaster tools and we also see how the website is tracking in Google Analytics.