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Web design imitation is a fantastic compliment

By 28 August 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments

Imitation is the best compliment

We’ve all heard the famous Charles Caleb Colton quote “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, so when we stumbled across we were slightly humbled to see they were such huge fans of our new website design.

When we first noticed that we were getting hits from a Chinese photography website, we thought that perhaps they were big fans of our articles on web design, branding or Melbourne’s best coffee. But a little bit of investigation revealed that they really, really liked our website.

In fact they liked our website so much that they’ve obviously put a lot of time and money into replicating every last detail of it. Even our custom made music features in their carbon copy of our video.

Unfortunately for us, they invested so much time and effort into making an imitation of our web design, brand video and music that they didn’t have any time to credit us or even thank us for the inspiration.

Our friends at hfsheying know they have a website worth stealing. Luckily they have protected themselves by being sure to include “copyriht all rights reseaved” (we’ve borrowed their spelling) on their website to protect themselves, ironically, it’s one of the few differences between their website and ours.