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How to structure your content for SEO

By 21 July 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments

SEO friendly websiteIf you want to drive traffic to your website then improving your ranking in search engines is a must. Search engines are the number one traffic source of websites performing roughly 300% better than social media. It’s important you have an SEO friendly website because 75% of users don’t go past the first page when searching. Paid advertising can be a starting point, but nearly 80% of users regularly skip the featured ads.

Improving your ranking on Google takes time, and can be hard work, but with good quality content and an SEO friendly website you will be rewarded. Marketing Sherpa reported that content marketing could increase revenue by 40%.

One of the most important features of an SEO friendly website is content. Providing people with useful information can also establish you as a thought leader, improving the authority of your brand..

Your content needs to be interesting and informative and rewarding for the reader. Great content is necessary but it doesn’t guarantee success. Even the best content can fail if it is not structured in the right way. Poor structure can make your content daunting for readers and hard to find for search engines.

Break it up

Have you noticed that a lot of articles you read online are organised into lists? There’s actually some science behind that. Readers on the internet tend to be turned off by long slabs of writing. The simple presence of sub-headings gives the reader the confidence that the could skim the key take away messages if they wanted too. As a result they are more likely to read the article.


Whether it’s an infographic or opening banner, an image makes your content more readable. By breaking up the amount of text on screen your content is more inviting to a reader. When including your images be sure to give them alternative tags which match the keyphrase you are aiming for. This gives the search engines an extra reference point as to what the article is about and should therefore rank under.

Include links

If you are writing about something technical it’s likely that you will have statistics to back up your claim. Give your audience the chance to find out more information by linking to the relevant study or article. This is a huge help to your audience and it’s also a huge help when creating an SEO friendly website.

Good meta-data

You don’t just want to appear high in search engines, you want users to pick your link out of the 10 options they are presented. Make sure your meta-data is to the point. Your meta-data should answer the “what’s in it for me?” for your potential audience. Good meta-data will ensure you get the maximum reward for your SEO friendly website.