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5 Reasons that you need a new business website design

By 25 June 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments

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You might think you are a digital savvy company. You have an eMail list, maybe a Facebook page and of course your website. Sure,your business website design is a couple of years old, but it does the job, doesn’t it? The answer is probably no. Technology is now evolving at four times the rate it once did. Changes to website capabilities and the increase in mobile devices like smart phones and tablets might be making your old business website design redundant. Here are five reasons you might want to improve your business website design.

Your business website design is not responsive

This is the single most important reason to update your current website. If your website is more than a couple of years old it probably wasn’t designed for mobile technology, mainly because mobile technology didn’t exist. Now over half of all internet access is done on mobile devices. There are nearly 18 Billion smart phone users and mobile eCommerce is predicted to tip nearly 90 Billion dollars annually by 2016. If your old website is not responsive it’s likely that there are long load times and visual issues when it’s accessed on mobile devices. Every 1 second delay in your websites response time decreases your chance of conversion by 10%. A responsive web design literally means your website will scale to meet the needs of the device it’s being accessed on.

Your Content Management System (CMS) is old

The ease in which you can manage your website has greatly increased. Moving to a new CMS will make your website easier to update and make it much easier to train people to use saving you time and money. It might also result in you updating the content on your website more and in turn getting better traffic and building stronger relationships with your customers.

Your old website looks, well old

One of the more subtle changes in websites in recently is the way in which they can host design. Colours, fonts and layouts are all greatly improved. You may think the aesthetics of your webpage aren’t important but you’d be wrong. 70% of consumers are less likely to buy from a company who had a website that they did not like.

You want to include eCommerce

eCommerce may not have been something you want to do when you started your website but that might be something you want to re-consider. eCommerce is $250 Billion annually and growing in Australia.

Your business has changed but your business website design hasn’t

Your webpage layout needs to be up to date with your business practice, if your focus has shifted that needs to be represented in the website, otherwise you could be missing out on potential customers because your customers can’t find important information. Updating your website ensures customers understand exactly what your busniess specialises in.