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Why Google’s latest update means you NEED a mobile-friendly website design

By 13 July 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

Google’s latest updates have indicated that websites which are not mobile friendly will be hit with a penalty. Google is constantly trying to improve the experience for their users and more than half of all searches being conducted on mobile devices the time has come for Google to make sure that the best site, is the best mobile site. So what does that mean for you? Our website design company Melbourne takes a look with some key recommendations.

Web Design

What is the demotion likely to be?

Unlike previous updates such as Panda or Penguin these demotions aren’t penalties. In fact it might be worth thinking of it the other way around. Google isn’t penalising non-mobile friendly websites, it is promoting the ones that are. Given the volume of mobile traffic it is now seen that a responsive mobile website is possibly the greatest asset for a website to have and as such these are the websites that will show up first in the search results.

What can I do?

Talk to our website design company – Charles Elena Design – and make sure that you have a responsive website. This ensures that your load times will drop and all the content will display and mobile devices without any error. It’s a win-win, your website will perform better in Google and more importantly it will perform better on mobile devices which is where a large amount of web browsing is now done.

What if I already have a mobile responsive site?

That’s great you’re ahead of the game but you can still make improvements to ensure your site is as mobile friendly as possible in the eyes of search engines. Some of the most common mistakes are having mobile sites with unplayable video content, slow load times or too many large image files.

If you’d like to test just how mobile-friendly your website is you can use this handy site developed by Google.

Designing a mobile friendly website is good practice. Google makes it’s search decisions based on what users want, so creating a mobile friendly website not only increase your chances of reaching your audience it also means that you will give them a better experience when you do. So talk to our Melbourne website design company today! Call us on 03 9663 5433.