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What makes a great website design?

By 9 September 2014September 8th, 2021No Comments

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What makes a great website? It is an interesting question, but an important one. A great website is a must for every business looking to move forward and grow. Over $1 trillion of retail sales per year are “web influenced” and that figure is only growing. To continue to grow, your website needs to do more than just “do the job” it needs to do a great job.

The quality of your website makes all the difference when trying to win the trust of potential new customers. 48% of users surveyed cited website design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. That means nearly half of the people interested in your brand will decide whether you are a viable option based on your website. In the same survey 94% of people said that web design was the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.

The bad news for business with poor web design doesn’t end there. 43% of people said that they go directly to a competitors website after a negative online shopping experience. People are out there wanting to connect with your brand. Poor website design can be the difference between making a connection with a new customer or losing them to the competition.

A great website design must cover things from three angles.

The business perspective

The tendency from a business end is to bombard users with information by putting as much information into as many places as possible. Brand’s will have a wealth of information and brand messages that they want to get across and often feel every piece of information is of equal importance. A great website design will ensure that the key messages are all conveyed clearly.

The customer perspective.

The difficulty is that what a customer wants from a website is almost entirely the opposite from what a business wants. Customers want to find the key information with as little time as possible. To much information can be daunting, time consuming and creates to much work for a user. When asked what made a good homepage design most replied with “quick”, “clean” and “an introduction that tells me quickly who a business is, what they do and what they can do for me”.

The designer perspective

A designers main goal is to find harmony between what a business wants and what their customer wants. Often this involves finding the most functional and interesting way to portray information without ever overloading them. At the end of the day a great website is one that answers a users quickly and clearly, but in the most convincing way for a business.