8 ways to increase your eCommerce sales by improving your eCommerce website design

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Businesses that have an ecommerce website are always on the lookout to increase their sales. Ensure your ecommerce website design is mobile-friendly, as there has never been a better time to optimise your site for mobile.

According to Orbital Alliance, one quarter of online purchases will be made by a mobile device by 2017. It’s easy to see why it’s more important than ever that businesses focus on satisfying their increasing number of mobile customers. Here are some tips that will help your company increase its ecommerce sales by improving their ecommerce website design:

  • Ensure links aren’t cluttered make life easier for your buyers by ensuring links on your brand’s ecommerce website design is not too cluttered. Consumers find it extremely frustrating when they tap their finger on a link but accidentally hit a different link because the text and buttons are too close together.
  • The simpler the better because mobile phone screens are so small, it’s vital that ecommerce website designs are simple. The easier it is for mobile users to find what they are looking for with minimal clicks, the more likely they will buy something on that site.
  • Make checking out easy most importantly, checking out needs to be as easy as possible for the customer. One strategy that many companies use is the option for customers to pre-fill their details, so they don’t have to waste time typing all their personal information.
  • Know the device companies should consider the strengths of each device and tailor their ecommerce website accordingly. For example, an iPad has a large screen and therefore requires bigger text and images. Meanwhile, consumers using an iPhone are working with a much smaller screen and therefore the text can’t be too large, otherwise consumers have to constantly zoom in and scroll sideways.
  • Test your websites’ mobile-friendliness – a 2012 Google report showed that 74% of people are more likely to return to a website in the future if it’s mobile-friendly. Businesses can test whether their website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate with GoMo. It shows how the site looks on a Smartphone and details areas for improvement for a better mobile eCommerce website design.
  • Fast loading times pages that don’t load quickly or properly in mobile devices will definitely turn consumers away, as according to a 2011 study, users will often leave web pages within 10-20 seconds. Ensure pages will load properly in mobile devices by incorporating fewer words and smaller graphics that will take less time to load.
  • Ensure photos are easily accessible consumers need to look at photos of the product before purchasing, which is why designers should ensure it’s enjoyable for consumers to access the photos. One great idea is to allow consumers to swipe through a photo gallery instead of tapping on each photo.
  • Design for a smaller screen ecommerce website designs for mobile should be designed for the small screen. Companies need to understand that simply shrinking the original website will not suffice for tech-savvy consumers – the mobile site must be designed for mobiles.