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Developing in open source frameworks

By 1 September 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

The Australian Government has moved to build all government websites on Drupal CMS platforms.The move will eventually see over 400 websites shifted from their current CMS to Drupal.

The move was sparked as a result of findings that current websites came at a significant cost caused by internal IT departments and through external arrangements. A big problem was the use of commercially licensed software which came with ongoing annual maintenance and licencing fees. To create the best website for lowest ongoing cost it is worth considering a website development and Drupal development agency.

Drupal Development Agency

The benefits of Drupal website development:

Drupal is the CMS that most developers have experience in.

Drupal has more ready to go features and components than any other CMS which means it is faster to deploy and has more new features added.

There are more plug-ins available for Drupal, making it easy to customise your CMS in a number of useful and common ways.

Drupal has a very flexible user permission system, making it easy to protect specific pages, or sections. These sections can be asssigned to groups, users or a mixture to ensure only the right people have access to different areas of your site.

Drupal is the CMS trusted by the Australian Government, NASA and The White House.

The benefit of Drupal is that it is open-source, allowing anyone to develop plug-ins, features and modules so that customising a website is cheaper, quicker and easier. On top of that it has the power and scope to host large and complex websites with custom permissions and multiple areas.

To make the most of the potential of open-source CMS systems talk to Charles Elena Design – who are an experience Drupal development agency to find out how you can create a website that is was to update and has low ongoing maintenance costs.