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Checklist for sending an email campaign

By 10 November 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

Indeed, there is no denying that these are the days of the social media reign. You want to ensure your presence out there and be visible. However, the email is still a sure shot medium to reach your audience with the right message.

Once you have narrowed down on your audience, your subscriber list and your content for the email campaign, you are but a few steps away from sending out that email.

The only tricky deal with an email campaign is the fact that you cannot recall or edit a sent message after it is shot out. Following a checklist that ensures you do not miss or overlook any minute details will ensure a smooth email campaign.

Here is a checklist from email marketing Melbourne that you can run through before sending out an email campaign.

For any further assistance, you can reach out to your email marketing specialists in Melbourne.

Basic checklist for sending an email campaign

This checklist for sending an email campaign will guide you through the steps for avoiding errors and crafting effective email marketing.

  1. Be clear

Be clear in defining your campaign objective, your target audience and set your campaign goal accordingly. Your campaign content has to be specific, calls-to-action must be clear and be linked with the goal of the campaign. Content is king and only the right messaging can bring in the conversion.

1a. Spelling/Grammatical Errors

Spell-check is important but that is not always enough. Spelling and grammar reflect the quality of content and hence you must always have the content proof-read and edited a few times before sending it out.

  1. Be visually appealing

Packaging it creatively is important to grab attention and deliver the message. Design your email campaign to appeal a wider section of the audience. Ensure your campaign renders well across mobile, desktop, and webmail environments.

2a. Distorted Images

Your images are your scores in the email. Ensure they are not stretched or pixelated. Ensure your images are displaying perfectly and are enhancing the content.

2b. Fix that formatting

The best of your content and images cannot do justice to the email if the formatting goes haywire. Check to ensure formatting is perfect and fix the issues before you send the email.

2c. Optimizing Text

Plain text does not offer the visual details that HTML does, but it does have the advantage of deliverability and accessibility. With just a few smart tweaks, your email can impact the same both as plain text or HTML. Hence, optimizing your email for both HTML and plain text is absolutely necessary.

  1. Broken Links/ Forgotten Links

Check repeatedly to make sure your every one of your links are functioning and there are no broken links. Also check if you have not left out the links anywhere. Ensure the anchor text, CTAs, social media follow/sharing icons, and images are all linked appropriately. Make it easy to share your campaign on the social media by linking it accordingly.

  1. Segmenting Your email list & Functioning Dynamic Tags

Segmenting your email lists will bring in greater impact. You can take your emails to the next level and make them more relevant by pulling in specific information about them. Dynamic tags do that to personalize your email content. Ensure the dynamic tags are functioning and only use tags which pulls up information that is applicable to every subscriber on your list.

  1. Viewable on the Web

Ensure you email has a link to be viewable on the web. Several ESPs will enable you to create a web-based version of your email. Include this link in your email send. This ensures that the email can be clicked over to the web-based version in case of any disruptions.

  1. Follow SPAM Act Requirements

Follow all applicable spam laws for the countries where your subscribers reside. If you’re sending any commercial email, you should be aware of and know how to comply with the requirements enforced by the SPAM Act. Be aware that failing to comply with the SPAM Act could mean penalties for each separate email violation.

For any further assistance, you can reach out to your email marketing specialists in Melbourne.