Three ways you can use online marketing video to reach your audience.

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online marketing video

Online marketing video is an extremely powerful tool that is currently being neglected by many businesses.This might be because businesses are worried about how to find a video that fits their brand. Digital video has a much broader scope than quirky viral videos. There are a number of ways you can unleash the power of video into your digital strategy. Essentially there are three things you can do with online marketing video to forge a connection with your audience. They are inform, engage and entice.


In a day and age where people are often multi-tasking online marketing video is a great way to draw your audiences full attention. As such using video is a really effective way to give your audience valuable information. Not only does it grab the attention of your audience but it also keeps the immersed. The extra attention increases the amount of time a customer will spend on your website.This makes online marketing video great for sharing information. 74% of people understand a product or promotion better after watching a video. Some common informational videos include:

Customer Testimonials or Success stories – Voxpopping customers is a great way to share your success in a way that audiences can engage with. Audiences are more likely to trust a third-party and video is a great way to show that your endorsements are coming from real people who they can relate too.  77% of audiences found testimonials valuable when making purchasing decision.

Video Case Studies – If you are in the customer service related industry then video case studies can be a great way to demonstrate not only positive emotions but tangible results. Having yourself or a customer explain the positive results you got for them helps people understand what your service might do for you.

Product presentations, promotions or reviews – Online marketing video can be a great way to introduce a new product and inform customers of it’s use and value, rather than just explaining it, video gives you an avenue to demonstrate the uses and effectiveness of the product. 90% of users found product demonstrations VERY valuable.


Online marketing video is a great way to personify your brand. Using staff video as part of your digital strategy can make use of your most valuable asset, your people. Seeing your team on video helps to contextualise your organistation to potential customers and forge emotional links. These videos clearly demonstrate the culture of your organisation and help you stand out from the crowd.

Executive presentation – When releasing executive documents like annual reports it can help to have a short summary video to accompany the report. This video can help to highlight the key points of the report.

Staff culture – Showing off your staff personality around the office is a great way to introduce your team to potential customers. This can be done by having your staff talk about their interests or interview each other or in a series of short videos introducing each individual staff member.


These videos are primarily designed to drive up traffic. When people think of online marketing video they most commonly think of videos aimed to entice. These are generally viral videos or promotional advertising. Content video blogs however can be highly effective and are commonly under-utilised.

Viral – The most common form of entice video, Viral videos tend to be funny, creative and quirky. Having a video go viral is very difficult but the results speak for themselves. The most successful viral online marketing video campaign, Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” lead to 1.4 billion impressions and an increase of sales of 107%

Content video blogs – An easy and effective way to provide useful video content is video blogs. In the same way you would create written content for your website, video blogging is about providing useful information to customers to set your brand up as a thought leader. These videos could be instructional video, how-to’s discussions of the latest trends or answering frequently asked questions. 80% of customers found thought leadership or expert interviews very helpful.

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