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10 Video Content Marketing Tips from a Melbourne Agency

By 12 February 2016May 7th, 2021No Comments

As video becomes the preferred medium of marketing, standing out with quality content is now more difficult than ever.

We have developed 10 tips that will give you the competitive edge in making and marketing video content in Melbourne.

marketing video content in Melbourne

  1. Know your audience. Hitting your key demographic is the most essential step in creating the right video. Remembering who your audience is throughout your process will guide the writing, shooting, editing, and marketing of your content. Know your audience to know success.
  2. The right writing. Generating content will make or break a video. Whether creating something clever for an ad or choosing the proper questions to ask an interviewee, the resulting content will be what people think about and what they remember.
  3. Pick your video type carefully. Knowing what video style you are making sets you up before the shooting process. For example, a corporate video should be clean, with minimal movement and a clear message; an advertisement should be exciting and clever, sometimes with a message that makes you think. Click these links to understand more about video types and styles.
  4. Don’t cut corners. Now that everything is in place to create some great video content, follow through with quality equipment. Hire the right camera, the perfect lighting, appealing actors, and a solid editor to produce a fantastic video.
  5. Shoot more than you could ever need. There is nothing worse for an editor than working with too little. On the precious day of shooting, make a conscious effort to capture every shot you can possibly imagine, and then shoot some more. Great content can be found in unlikely places, so make sure you don’t miss a thing.
  6. Short and Sweet. Melbourne likes content that gets to the point. After you have loads of content to work with, it’s time to find the best bits. Depending on the video type you choose, determine a video time (generally 30 seconds to 1 minute) and stick to it. If a video drags on, that’s what people will remember.
  7. Optimize. Your agency’s brand should be constantly seen or heard during the video. Choose keywords to associate with your brand. The end of the video should always end with your agency’s name. Simply put, don’t forget to brand before marketing.
  8. Sharpen your angles. Before introducing your video, you must understand which platform will best suit the content. Marketing your video on different mediums will appeal to different demographics. Create a specific angle or vibe relative to where your video will be viewed.
  9. Link up and Blow up. Your video is ready to hit the world, so let the world know! Share on social media. Make the video evident on your website. Strategically add links to multiple pages that will lead your audience to the video. You just made some great video content, now get in some great marketing!
  10. Update yesterday. Continue to market the video in new ways to reach a wider audience. Look at the numbers to understand how your video was received so that your agency’s next video will be even more successful. In other words, always keep up to date!