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The easier the experience is, the more likely your customer will achieve the goal you have mapped. It really is that simple. Great UX design reduces the work at the customer with less time to doubt their decision.


Create a story that inspires at every interaction

User Experience Design UX.
The process to create a robust user experience can vary, however the principle and aim to achieve the most natural and intuitive
experience is always the end goal. Below we have mapped our process that involves researching, storytelling, creative and measuring the performance.

User Interface Design UI.
Creative should inspire and build on the content theme. Having an understanding of key design principles such as visual hierarchy, fonts, colours and key visual devices are all used as part of the design toolkit. The aim is to bring the experience to life.


Research to greater understand your target audience and get to know their persona.


Know the landscape, best practice guidelines, trends and learn from others to enhance the experience.


Create an inspirational journey that takes into consideration personas with clear user flows, wireframes and development notes.


Develop so the experience is intuitive know the technical possibilities to enhance the storytelling.


Monitor, measure and split test with the aim to constantly improve the user experience.

Online Display Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are a great way to advertise your business, and target a specific demographic or audience through the social media platform’s advertising self-service tools. We are able to assist by building organic followers in addition to running sponsored campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking high on popular search engines such as Google is a top priority for any successful online venture and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to achieving this. Most online users don’t look beyond the first few pages so it’s easy to see why SEO is important. Charles Elena’s online advertising team strive to increase your ranking on popular search engines using a range of techniques, including using popular words and key phrases that are regularly searched.

Content Creation

Content can be a fantastic tool for your business to engage, inspire and excite prospects, particularly if your company aims to inform and educate the audience about its business, products or services. Creating a content plan that focuses on target markets, tone of voice with a clear call to action can help your content work harder and ultimately deliver a measurable outcome.

Display Advertising

Digital Display advertising can be a great channel for generating new leads. Through media trading desks we have the ability to push-and-pull ads based on live performance statistics. This gives our display ads the best opportunity to perform on partner sites under the set budget and provide last touch giving our clients greater ROI. We are able to custom target audiences by search interests, life stages or category interests, prospect for new business and re-target based on previous visits to existing digital assets.

Heatmap and Split Testing

Our goal is to always improve the performance of our design. To achieve this we track, monitor and measure. We use heatmap tools to identify hotspots to enhance the user experience. Split testing is a valuable aid that allows us to test our design thinking against a mensurable outcome.

Digital Advertising

Charles Elena creates online advertising campaigns that showcase your brand’s identity. That’s because our first priority is to understand your business. This includes understanding the company’s key ideas, values and messages. We then use this understand to create campaigns which communicate these ideas to engage with your customers and generate brand awareness.

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Content Delivery

Content Delivery

Part of the content strategy mix is how the content is visually presented and treated in a digital environment, we call this content delivery. Content should have structure and structure is what designers need to style the content correctly. Many of our designers have an editorial background so we understand how content should look and behave on a page and are able to advise our partners on how to deliver the content.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

CRM systems such as Pardot and Marketo are an important lead capturing system that allows businesses to nurture and qualify leads for handover to the sales team. The setup of a CRM is complicated and usually involves an audit of the form capturing assets, the business process around how leads are handled, tracking and reporting capabilities and strategy around best practice to capture data, qualify and nurture leads with the aim of converting to sales. Our team are able to assist with designed template assets for the CRM tool such as landing pages, email templates and web-front tracking required for CRM reporting.