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Coles — Self-service Portal  

Coles: Self-service portal

Designing a self-service platform for efficient change and remediation projects without IT involvement.


A large organisation with diverse staff across departments and stores, understands the cost implications of involving IT in change projects. That’s where the ‘Self-service Portal’ comes in – a self-service platform empowering the Coles team to efficiently handle change and remediation projects, without the need for IT involvement.

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The Challenge

Coles approached Charles Elena to design a self-service portal that could help manage large-scale changes to ways of working. Previous efforts were either labour-intensive or used complicated software solutions that required IT intervention – resulting in high costs and inconsistent experiences for impacted employees. Coles required a solution that would enable business outcomes, could be accessed by all employees, and help team-members communicate with empathy.

The Approach

Highly collaborative work with empathy for users in an agile environment. The Coles Portal project was developed to support organisational change and improve the employer-employee relationship for one of the biggest supermarket chains in Australia. The challenge was to centralise and streamline data to create a seamless self-service experience for staff through a portal design. We took the stakeholder on board from the beginning to understand the business objective, scenarios, pain-points. The multi-functional team including UX Designer, UI Designer, Developers, Business Owner and Project Coordinator working together in an agile fashion to progress design.

Charles Elena - UI/UX - Coles - The Approach - 01

Agile working environment

Charles Elena - UI/UX - Coles - The Approach - 02

User testing

Charles Elena - UI/UX - Coles - The Approach - 03

Clickable prototype

Charles Elena - UI/UX - Coles - The Approach - 04

Cross-functional team collaboration

The Impact

Seeing your videos and the new functionality you contribute is one of my favourite parts of the week! Love all of what you are building for us.

P&C Operations, Transformation Manager

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