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Australian Open — Pat Cash Social Campaign

Charles Elena - Strategy - Pat Cash - Logo - AO

Aussie tennis icon and tech titan team up

Wimbledon hero Pat Cash and a world-leading technology company make great doubles partners.

Social Media Campaign – Video Production – Content Creation – Event Management

Technology is a critical component of the Australian Open tennis tournament and the reason why Tennis Australia and its long-standing technology partner Infosys work so closely together. Year on year, the partners have been developing digital capabilities and features to make the viewing experience, both at home and at the venue, the best it can be. Charles Elena contributes to this successful partnership by delivering a range of creative services, such as this social media campaign involving Pat Cash.

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The Challenge

The Australian Open tournament runs for two weeks every January. In that time, it is up to the Open’s partners to make every minute matter. Infosys asked Charles Elena to support a raft of marketing-based activities before, during and after the 2023 championship, to amplify its involvement and contribution to the event as the official technology parter.

One stream of the marketing activities involved running the social media activity around Pat Cash, acting as an ambassador for Infosys on a key day of the tournament. The focus was on creating content for a series of posts across key social channels to excite event attendees and fans and give them behind-the-scenes insights into how the technology comes together.

The Approach

Much of our work to produce content for the social campaign pivoted on the first Saturday of the two-week event. This is traditionally one of the bigger days for the tournament, with scores of kids and families in attendance. We deployed our team on the ground in the Fan Zone where Infosys has constructed its new two-storey, carbon-neutral booth and spent much of the morning coordinating Pat’s movements. This involved interfacing with groups of children, tennis officials and some media outlets, including the Sunrise program on Channel Seven. We kept proceeding light and fun, setting up several scenarios with Pat using and explaining Infosys’s technology innovations, such as Matchbeats and 3D Court Vision and Match Center, talking to the camera in a casual and jovial tone. In the background, we edited the video and drafted the content, preparing it for posting to the various channels.

The Impact

Although the Infosys brand is highly visible throughout the event, particularly from a broadcast TV perspective, fans and spectators at the event are provided an opportunity to connect with the people and the purpose of the brand. Beyond its contribution to tennis, Infosys is a major technology player in the business world and social campaigns such as this one give the brand a moment to break away from the hectic pace of big tech and explore the playfulness of its innovations.

We certainly kept Pat on his toes, but he was a great sport as usual and he did a terrific job of bringing lighthearted banter and buzz to the content we assembled on behalf of Infosys.



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