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Rafael Nadal — Ultimate Tennis Experience

Charles Elena - Immersive - Nadal - Logo - Rolland Garros

Rafael Nadal:
Ultimate Tennis Experience

Go head to head with the Spanish tennis ace.

Digital Strategy – VR – Game Development – 3D Characters – UX/UI

Imagine being able to step onto centre court at a grand slam and compete against Rafael Nadal. With the latest advances in VR technology, this is now a possibility.

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The Challenge

Rafael Nadal has dominated the sport of tennis for more than a decade, winning countless titles and setting incredible records at tournaments like Roland Garros.

Creating a game that captures the essence of the Champion on his favourite surface is no small feat. For a truly immersive experience, we had to recreate Stade Roland Garros, the grand slam’s centre court, make a digital version of Rafa, and also make a great tennis game.

The Approach

Help to reduce the cost of development and make the metaverse tennis project a reality. Collaborate with technology companies, virtual reality experts, and metaverse developers by strategically implementing these cost-saving measures and continuously monitoring expenses, the vision of bringing tennis history to life in the metaverse can become a reality without overwhelming financial burdens.

Charles Elena - Immersive - Nadal - The Approach - 01

See Nadal in 3D

Charles Elena - Immersive - Nadal - The Approach - 02

Play against Nadal in VR

Charles Elena - Immersive - Nadal - The Approach - 03

Immersive sound

Charles Elena - Immersive - Nadal - The Approach - 04

Record your points

The Impact






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Rafael Nadal — Ultimate Tennis Experience

Step onto centre court at Roland Garros with tennis legend Rafael Nadal in an immersive VR experience that brings fans closer to the match than ever before.
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