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DTW23 — Ignite by TM Forum

DTW23 – Ignite by TM Forum

Contributing to a cracker of a conference for Communications Service Providers in Copenhagen.


TM Forum is “an alliance of 800+ global companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies and systems integrators”. Its flagship event is the annual DTW (Digital Transformation World) conference, which was held in Copenhagen in 2023.

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The Challenge

Infosys’s Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) branch enlisted Charles Elena to design a booth for DTW23 in Denmark. While the physical theme of the booth revolved around Infosys CMT’s positioning of ‘The Digital Fabric of Society’, the digital theme was heavily centred on the use and future of AI.

As part of the design requirement, Charles Elena was entrusted with creating artwork to be displayed in the booth and developing online communications to promote Infosys’s presence at the event.

A crucial component of the Infosys booth was the touchscreen demo, allowing attendees to interact with it and explore some of the AI solutions and capabilities that Infosys offers. The brief was to design an intuitive experience that could showcase four contrasting use cases.

The Approach

The initial step involved clearly defining the intent and objectives that Infosys sought to achieve with the interactive demos. Considerations included the physical event environment, the flow of people passing by the booth, the time required for the experience, the messaging for each use case, and the aesthetics. A key focus was working out how to attract event-goers to engage with the demos and what needed to occur once a user completed a demo.

At the heart of each AI-themed demo was storytelling. The solution design hinged on getting this right. Our team scripted from scratch every word and pieced together myriad graphics to bring the UI componentry to life. We carried this through to the frontend development, providing the client an end-to-end solution that they could pick up and run with, without any significant deployment overhead.

The end result was a cohesive experience that featured a highly engaging idle screen video and a 3D home screen landing page, from which users could access any of the four use cases. Each use case had a unique narrative while maintaining unified theming. The design incorporated intuitive touchscreen navigation and careful attention was given to considerations for first-time users during the testing phase.

Charles Elena - Immersive - Infosys DTW23 - The Approach - 01

Created visual identity for event booth

Charles Elena - Immersive - Infosys DTW23 - The Approach - 02

Executed marketing campaign to promote event

Charles Elena - Immersive - Infosys DTW23 - The Approach - 03

Designed interactive showcase of emerging AI tech

Charles Elena - Immersive - Infosys DTW23 - The Approach - 04

Delivered play-ready interactive demos

The Impact

Although Charles Elena was not able to jet to Copenhagen to eye our handiwork (a luxury few agencies can afford!), the client shared video footage and photography of the set-up along with welcome messages of appreciation for creating an atmosphere of comfort, excitement and possibilities.

The demo experience was well-received by the client representatives who were responsible for interfacing with event-goers. We were proud of the fact that minimal iterations were required to get the demo experience right, which demonstrated our team’s broad capability around design, development and delivery.

The Impact

Aesthetically the booth was amazing and the interactive demos were spot-on. And we particularly appreciated the tech support Charles Elena provided to ensure any bugs or tech issues could be resolved without disruption

Noushir Jagmag, AVP & Global Head (Marketing) Communications, Media & Technology at Infosys

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