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CEDA — Repositioning CEDA’s State of the Nation event

Repositioning CEDA’s State of the Nation event

Delivering a powerful new visual identity for CEDA’s marquee annual conference at Parliament House.

Event Branding – Marketing Campaign – Web Design

With a keynote address from our Prime Minister, the Hon. Anthony Albanese, CEDA’s prestigious State of the Nation conference features professionals across government, community and corporate organisations coming to Canberra to discuss critical public policy matters that will shape our country. Filled with networking opportunities, panel discussions and guest speakers, the event creates a collaborative and meaningful space for both private and public sector leaders to engage.

CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia)
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The Challenge

CEDA has been the organiser of the annual State of the Nation event for more than 40 years and has consistently hosted a high-quality show. For 2023, it was time to up the ante. With the world coming to grips with watershed advances in A.I. and one climate disaster after another, and with everyday Australians feeling the cost-of-living pressure, CEDA needed to meet the moment with a sophisticated campaign message.

The brief was clear: the theme is Navigating Disruption, and the event would need to be a sell-out – something which had not occurred in recent years.

Our job was to capture the attention of time-poor business leaders and executives, compelling them to make the trip to the nation’s capital for what would be an essential and energising event.

The Approach

Our creative strategy would need to cover three key stages: pre-event, event and post-event.

We placed AI front and centre of the Navigating Disruption campaign. We chose to blend AI-generated motifs into the visual identity, and create campaign assets that spoke to this new era of generative content.

Our campaign assets for web, social and EDM would roll out two months prior to the event, to maximise registrations.

At the event, our assets would adorn Parliament House’s Great Hall. But our most exciting execution would be the event welcome video. Our fun, optimistic video would grab attention and push the AI theme to its playful limits, with an AI-powered chatbot taking centre stage.

In the days after, we capitalised on the success of the event with EDMs and social posts that reflected on the robust discussions and speaker highlights.

The Impact

Key stakeholders from CEDA were unanimous in their praise for Charles Elena’s successful campaign. State of the Nation 2023 was arguably the most well-received event in decades, raising the bar for future events. All tickets were sold out 30 days before the event.

Our campaign assets provided our client with certainty and clarity in messaging and strategy, while playing to CEDA’s strength as an agenda-setting organisation that’s not afraid to make bold decisions.


Sold out one month before event


Social media impressions


Landing page views

The Impact

CEDA has always been an organisation which looks to the future, advocating for reform based on a broad base of evidence, not the narrow view or noisy voices of vested interest.

The Hon. Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister

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