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Success Stories


Charles Elena - Immersive - Nadal - Featured

Rafael Nadal — Ultimate Tennis Experience

Step onto centre court at Roland Garros with tennis legend Rafael Nadal in an immersive VR experience that brings fans closer to the match than ever before.
Charles Elena - Strategy - ServiceNow - Featured


Design, narrative and strategy for an extensive go-to-market marketing aimed at telecommunications providers, for Infosys ServiceNow Live Operations.
Charles Elena - Design - CEDA - Featured

CEDA — Repositioning CEDA’s State of the Nation event

Campaign strategy and branding design for CEDA’s signature policy event.
Charles Elena - Motion - Infosys Telcom - The Challenge - Video

Coles — Self-service Portal  

A new platform for the Coles team to self service projects without the need for IT.
Charles Elena - Strategy - AO Pat Cash - Featured

Australian Open — Pat Cash Social Campaign

A Collaboration with the Australian Open to create a captivating social campaign featuring Australian tennis great Pat Cash, Virtual Reality and much more.
Charles Elena - Immersive - ITHOF - Featured

Tennis Hall of Fame — Metaverse Experience

Tennis heritage awaits. Immerse yourself in the rich history and traditions of the sport, and discover its timeless beauty and elegance in VR.
Charles Elena - Immersive- Infosys DTW23 - Featured

DTW23 — Ignite by TM Forum

Platform designs and user journeys for a new AI-powered tool to engage Communications Service Providers in Copenhagen.
Charles Elena - Branding - AAP - Featured

AAP — Telling Australian Associated Press’s powerful story

Helping the quiet hero of the Australian news media environment to raise its profile.
Charles Elena - UI/UX - Exelon Experience Platform - Featured

Exelon experience platform

Crafting extraordinary proof of concepts that embody innovation and excellence.
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