Social Media Management

Experience design provides an opportunity to work closely with people and consider every aspect of their brand experience.

We look at the whole ecosystem of experiences and carefully consider various methods and research to understand how humans interact with design and technology. This makes your experience more usable, valuable, and compelling.

Social media has created a fantastic opportunity for brands to interact with their customers in unique and exciting ways. It has provided more opportunity for interaction and opened a line of instant two-way communication.

Effective social media management has great benefits for a brand and its clients, Charles Elena Design’s social media management service can help your company strengthen its influence on social media and develop a positive online presence.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, transcending international boundaries. It allows brands to reach one billion active Facebook users, more than 200 million active Twitter users and viewers who collectively consume more than four billion hours of video each month on YouTube. Online users can share information and comment about a brand more rapidly and publicly than ever before through words, images and video.

This also signals a need for businesses to adapt to these changes and conduct themselves differently. Charles Elena’s social media management team has the skills and knowledge to manage your company’s social media effectively. We can help you turn your social media users into loyal brand followers. Loyal brand followers are crucial for long-term brand success.

Charles Elena emphasises the importance of learning about each company we work with. We clarify the brand essence, values and key messages to ensure we represent the company accurately and effectively. Our case-by-case approach means our experts can put in place a social media strategy that will meet your brand’s aims and expectations.

Our Melbourne social media management team will:

  • build an effective brand strategy that reflects the aims and values of the company.
  • promote the company on social media with dynamic and engaging social media campaigns.
  • create regular content for your company to use on social media, including blogs.
  • inform consumers, build brand awareness and effectively convey the brand message.
  • build a base of loyal brand followers on social media.

Our Work

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