Social Media Campaigns

Custom Facebook applications, such as Short Stack, have revolutionised the way brands engage with followers and present themselves to target markets on Facebook.

Charles Elena uses the latest technology to ensure we continually deliver the most successful social media campaigns, including Short Stack campaigns, for our clients.

As part of the social media campaigns our multi-skilled design studio in Melbourne produce, Charles Elena frequently uses Short Stack, a Facebook custom application tool.

With Short Stack campaigns, our creative team can easily customise visual elements such as icons, templates and themes. This effectively means we create unique, interactive Facebook pages that engage viewers and best represent the brand image and identity.

With more than half of Facebook users accessing their accounts from mobile devices, Short Stack’s “Smart URL” detection means that users from a variety of computer or mobile devices can access a version of the app that’s best-suited to their device. In addition, the user-friendly platform can incorporate social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps. This means our short stack campaigns are optimised making them easy to access on mobile devices.

Our social media campaigns are a great way to engage uses and attract loyal brand followers. Charles Elena knows the social media techniques to encourage more people to ‘like’ your company’s Facebook page and share information about the brand. Our designers will incorporate a range of brand-specific elements for your company’s Facebook application. Our social media campaigns can help your business run promotions, gather data about brand followers, enable followers to play games, interact with graphics and run competitions.

Our Work

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