Brands that instil Instagram envy

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Did you know that the human brain can process images in an unbelievable 13 milliseconds?

This means that images are the most efficient and compelling way to get a human being’s attention and as quickly as possible. This also explains Instagram’s upward growth trajectory of over 500 million active subscribers.

Instagram understood the short span attention of today’s audience and unleashed the power of story-conveying images!

Being a celebrity sells and the top ranking Instagram accounts are that of celebrities with massive fans and followers. However, there are brands which have worked their way upwards and made themselves into celebrities by way of functioning and creating a cult following. These brands have reached epic-scale following and are the model stratagems for every brand to emulate.

We list five dynamic brands whose Instagram accounts are abuzz with creative content and their strategic marketing moves have garnered large number of followers. Such active and creative engagement creates brand buzz which cannot be replicated otherwise.

  1. Brilliant Bicycle Co.

Bicoastal bicycle company Brilliant Bicycle Co. takes the high-speed, neo-nomadic biking generation back to the basics. @ridebrilliant endorses the belief that quality bikes need not always be expensive nor intimidating. Their Instagram feed embodies that notion with smart, clean and simple imagery of their bikes in approachable everyday locations.*

  1. GoPro

GoPro is now featured on top as the digital marketing powerhouse. Their dynamic Instagram account is a power pile of user-generated content clicked exclusively by GoPro cameras. User testimony at its finest. GoPro encourages capturing awe-inspiring content with their devices and sharing them. Their Instagram account utilises user feedback and creates an incredible brand buzz resulting in GoPro being one of the brand having Instagram’s largest number of followers.

  1. Zara

With over 14.6 million subscribers, Zara is on top of the game in mastering digital marketing and securing the enviable spot of one of the best marketed fashion-retail brands on Instagram. Zara’s Instagram feed doubles as a catalogue featuring their latest offerings and has positioned it as the aspirational mood board of the latest fashion trends. Product focused and fashion curated content has pushed Zara a notch above other such brands in the digital space.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is another of those brands which boasts of user-generated content and all of it from its global community across the world – endorsing their tagline of ‘Belong Anywhere’… Their Instagram account is a successful platform showcasing the most unique and affordable accommodations around the world. Airbnb excels at content which is strategically user-engaging by encouraging feedback and participation. Their hi-definition images and jaw-dropping locales are a hit with travel aficionados.

  1. National Geographic

No list of the top Instagram brands is complete without ‘Insta’s content king’ – National Geographic. With a whopping 63.8 million followers, NatGeo is undoubtedly the king of the jungle. NatGeo did what they do best – trusted their best photojournalists to capture and curate their share-worthy shots! NatGeo’s Instagram account is run by expert photojournalists – over 110 of them! Talk of authentic and brand relevant content!

Though none of these five brands have similar content, it is obvious that the best brands on Instagram with largest followers, are those with engaging and original content that create a brand buzz and encourage affiliation.

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