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How to Improve Your Instagram Brand Strategy

By 6 September 2019May 7th, 2021No Comments

Instagram is fast-becoming one of the most popular digital platforms for consumers who want a snapshot of your brand. Create a ‘thumb-stopping’ visual aesthetic, as well as monitoring client engagement are just two ways to improve your Instagram brand strategy and increase brand awareness.

Human beings are visual creatures. We are both inspired and reassured by what we see in front of us. 60% of Instagram users report to have discovered at least one new business product on the platform. In the age of social media, showcasing visual content online is a must in order to grow your Instagram brand and improve your brand strategy. It is the perfect platform to create awe-inspiring content for your target market.

In order to effectively grow your brand on Instagram – and your following, you might first consider your brand personality:

scrolling on Instagram business platform

What is your brand ‘personality’?

Digital design has evolved to a point where almost anything is possible. Brands can customise their key message, user experience (UX) components, and visual elements to form an impression in customers’ minds. In short, you can be anything you want to be – fun, whacky, sombre, traditional – all it takes is a well-curated visual display to convey this and increasing your Instagram following.

Some of the key Instagram features you can use include:

  • Colour schemes
  • Caption – tone of voice, long vs. short etc.
  • Image resolution

On a psychological level, your clients will be processing this information all at once and forming an impression of your brand. All it takes is 13 milliseconds for the brain to process images. This means that images are the most efficient and compelling way to get a human being’s attention and thus better your Instagram brand strategy.

Some strategies which may help you to boost your engagement include:

Capitalise on influencer power

If a brand agency has a smart social strategy in play, then they’re utilising other resources such as influencers to grow their brand on Instagram. 2 million businesses use paid advertising on Instagram. This is enormous, considering influencer endorsements are one of the fastest ways to get your message across.

Tip: Vet each prospect considerably to prevent a potential PR nightmare that could cost credibility can come at a cost but it can ensure returns.

Stay on brand

In order to grow your brand on Instagram successfully, it is vital that you stay on-brand with your content. What this means is – don’t stray too far from your main goal. At the end of the day, your focus should be on captivating customers and giving them a ‘taste’ of your brand identity. Don’t confuse them by posting large amounts of unrelated or unnecessary content.

Stay active – but not too active

There’s a fine balance between low and high involvement when trying to grow your brand on Instagram. Whilst it is important to post often to ensure you’re constantly popping up in customer’s feeds, you shouldn’t bombard them with too much of the same content. Doing this ultimately leads to lowered engagement (i.e. unfollows, mutes). Being selective in what you post, and how often you post, ensures that your clients remain engaged and interested.

Establishing social media presence on Instagram – or any other app – can be difficult


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