Facebook Application Development

Charles Elena’s website application development team has worked with high profile clients in a range of industries to create social media campaigns.

Our campaigns allow consumers to interact with companies and engage in a two-way dialogue. Your company can achieve a stand out a campaign with our Facebook application development service.

Facebook applications enable a Facebook page to operate similarly to a website.

These applications enhance the user experience by incorporating interactive elements into the Facebook page. In addition, users can access Facebook applications from a range of mobile devices such as Ipads and Iphones.

Our website application development team includes designers, strategists and developers. Our team work together to create exciting social media campaigns that feature Facebook applications. That’s because we recognise Facebook applications are an effective way of generating brand awareness and engaging customers while also providing customers with updated information about the brands products or services. This allows Facebook to create a genuine two-way connection between a brand and its customers.

Most importantly, Facebook applications allow companies to build a trusting and meaningful relationship with consumers. This results in a mass of loyal brand followers.

We take into account the personality and desires of your target market. We use this to determine what your Facebook applications should incorporate to effectively engage your market. We also explore the social media campaign’s goals to determine what elements to incorporate into the Facebook application.

Charles Elena’s website application development team create Facebook applications that enable your company’s followers to:

  • Directly enter competitions.
  • Play interactive online games.
  • Access interactive maps and graphics.
  • Invite Facebook friends to share or ‘like’ the page.
  • Have their say by voting in a opinion poll or complete a survey.
  • Listen to music.
  • View pop ups.

Our Work

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