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Using digital publishing to enhance your social brand

By 15 August 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments

If your company’s digital magazine design team is wanting its content to reach the widest audience possible, then social media can help.Our social media experts share their thoughts on how to make your brand social.

How many times have you logged onto Facebook lately and noticed that somebody has ‘Shared’ or ‘Liked’ an article, publication or opinion piece? Social media users witness this several times a day, which is why ensuring a brand’s content is easily-shareable can make all the difference in the world to your business.

Yet it’s important that companies get it right when it comes to sharing content through social media. It’s vital that companies engage with users to avoid becoming irrelevant on social media. So what are some of the effective ways to make a brand successful across social media? Here’s what the experts say:

Ensure you digital magazine design content is easily shareable

The advantage of any digital publication is that it can be shared easily. However, not every business makes it easy to share its content via social media. Digital magazine designs should incorporate Tweet, Like or Share buttons in a spot that’s easily visible to users accessing the online publication. This means consumers can easily and directly share what they are reading with all their friends, simply with the click of a button.

Share the content on the company’s Facebook page

Don’t just leave sharing to people who stumble across the publication online. Make sure your digital magazine designs reach as many people as possible by posting a link on social media. It’s a great way to tell people about the company’s highlights of the day.

Engage in a two-way conversation  

Brands should also engage in conversations with its consumers about its publications and what it’s doing. Simply asking consumers for their opinions and thoughts is a great way to facilitate a friendly environment where consumers feel the company cares about them. This also enables a positive and meaningful relationship between the brand and its followers to flourish, which leads to more loyal brand followers. To successfully engage your audience in conversation, it’s also important to understand the target market and consumers’ general personalities. This information should already be available to your digital magazine design team, who have been designing to appeal to that particular audience.