Poste Haste Brand and Product Video

A short product and brand video for Poste-Haste distributed through their Apple eBook, website and social channels.

Culture is an important selling point for most business-to-business service providers. Producing a brand video is a good way to introduce and explain your product and services. The added benefit of using video marketing is that it allows you to clearly establish character and culture at the same time. Video marketing can be a huge advantage when dealing with business clients as it establishes a relationship that can be built upon.

Poste-Haste is the national freight manager for over 250 companies. Poste-Haste Freight Management Systems delivers creative customised, intrastate, interstate and international freight management. They seamlessly manage freight carriers, transport companies, freight accounts and a freight management system to enable the smooth integration of our customers’ supply chain.

Our brand video aimed to highlight Poste-Haste’s service offerings in an engaging way, whilst also establishing a clear voice and brand personality.


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