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Our Melbourne web designers have teamed up with the iPrimus marketing team to create a web presence to cater for their various products. iPrimus is an Australian leader in high speed broadband, data, Internet, web hosting and voice products, servicing both business and residential sectors.

Given their broad range of product offerings iPrimus needed clean and easy to use websites to allow customers to easily find the service they were looking for. Charles Elena have also worked with iPrimus to deliver an array of creative campaigns across both traditional and digital media to promote their products.

The launch of the National Broadband Network’s fibre to the home capabilities created a huge opportunity for telecommunications network. Chales Elena provided a variety of creative campaign assets that were distrusted nation wide.

Praise for Chales Elena’s Melbourne web designers

This is awesome work/creative! Clearly a notch above what I am used to seeing!
Tom Mazerski iPrimus CCO

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