XFLAM Interactive Website

Charles Elena designed and developed a 3D interactive website to introduce for insulated syntactic foam manufacturer XFLAM.

XFLAM produce insulation that is environmentally friendly, strong, fire safe and affordable. We identified that Xflam was a product with a number of benefits that were technical. As a result there was a large amount of information that needed to be available on the website.

A lot of thought was put into the usability of the website. Long slabs of writing filled with technical information would risk important product benefits being skipped or missed by the users.

The solution was to create a interactive website that focused on showing users the benefits rather than telling them. The front page featured 3D animation to show users the specifications of XFLAM allowing them to visualise the product. We also included a video demonstration to show the product in use. This demonstration gives users the chance to see the product in action, it is engaging.

Creating an interactive website increased the overall usability. It made the website more engaging and allowed a lot of information to be shown, saving the user the time of having to read long and highly technical paragraphs. The result is a website that is clear, engaging and easy to use.

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