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Mamanuca Islands, Fiji’s best-kept secret

By 26 April 2021September 1st, 2021No Comments

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji’s best-kept secret

/// Overview

Establishing a digital marketing strategy for the Mamanuca Islands to create awareness and further their outreach.

Mamanuca Islands are a volcanic archipelago of 20 islands located about one hour (by road and then boat) from Fiji’s international airport. Thirteen of the 20 islands are inaccessible, making the remaining seven a unique, idyllic paradise for tourists.

Fiji’s local governing bodies approached Charles Elena to uplift Mamanuca’s online presence by designing an experience that would be both engaging and informative. They wanted to expand their reach and captivate tourists, bringing more visitors to their pristine islands and local villages.


8 weeks


Project manager
UX/UI designers

Applied Processes

Creative direction
Competitor analysis
API integration


User journeys
CMS website
Destination brand collateral
Stakeholder communications
Video assets

Mamanuca logo-brand

/// Challenge

Establishing a digital presence

The Mamanuca Islands had no official online presence due to a lack of destination representation and funding.

We needed to create a well-designed, unique website containing all the information about the Mamanucas resorts, villages and attractions in a way that is easy to navigate and gets people excited.

This would extend their outreach and provide a digital platform for the Mamanuca Islands to advertise their allure. Additionally, we were challenged to provide a visual story that ensured equal opportunity was given to all stakeholders involved.

/// Solution

Content first

We workshopped with government bodies from Fiji and local stakeholders of Mamanuca to help prioritise content, identify Mamanuca’s specialities and establish useful destination information.

Furthermore, interviewing stakeholders from the transport, hospitality and tourism industries enabled us to narrow down specific information. We were then equipped to create low-fidelity wireframes and test these with stakeholders to help map out the workflow and user-friendliness of the website.

To make users feel immediately engaged, we kept the interface simple and clean, embracing white spaces and adopting shades of blue that depicted the ocean. The website also had to be accessible from multiple regions, therefore it was important for us to control the site’s performance. We stress-tested the SVG images, videos, interactive maps and Google web fonts we used on the website against different service providers in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Constantly monitoring the speed on GT matrix, we were able to identify which pages took up the maximum load time, and chose to deploy a content delivery network (CDN) to evenly distribute the load of the site.

/// Outcome

Increased awareness

With the use of performance testing and speed optimisation, we provided the Mamanuca Islands with a new official website that was fast, effective and accessible from multiple regions.

The digital presence increased their destination awareness and gave them an identity that tourists could connect and engage with.

Mamanuca website
mamanuca island

/// Highlights

400 unique visits per month, increasing destination awareness

35% of visits on the website are users from Australia

An considerable increase to 4 minutes average time spent by visitors to the site

50% increase in website load speed compared to other websites in the Mamanuca region

Launch of the official Mamanuca Island Website
Destination branding along with a video
Giving each Mamanuca stakeholder their own unique identity

“Great news, everyone loved the logo and branding. Great job to the Charles Elena Team”

Akshay Singh
Director of Sales, Marketing & Strategic Development
Raffe Hotels & Resorts