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Increasing brand awareness and credibility of RMIT’s new program

By 27 April 2020September 1st, 2021No Comments

Increasing brand awareness and credibility of RMIT’s new program

/// Overview

RMIT is one of Australia’s largest universities with more than 80,000 students enrolled each year

The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational courses from Art and Design, Engineering, Computer Science and Business and Management, Communication and Media Studies.

Charles Elena helped to brand and create RMIT’s growth engine for entrepreneurship and innovation, delivering entrepreneurial experiences that create value for all its audiences.


4 weeks


Project manager
Graphic designers

Applied Processes

Creative direction
Graphic design


Activator program brand identity
Website design and development
Registration portal
Digital advertising campaign
Promotional material

RMIT activator posters

/// Challenge

Keeping up with the growing demand of incubator and accelerator entrepreneurship courses

RMIT wanted to establish a ‘home of entrepreneurship  program to deliver education and professional support services for current students and alumni interested in establishing start-up ventures.

Previous RMIT entrepreneurship and accelerator programs lacked brand awareness and industry engagement. They did not meet the needs of RMIT students and alumni wanting to grow and unlock the business potential of their ideas.

/// Solution

‘RMIT Activator’ portal

Giving students, entrepreneurs, mentors and industry partners the opportunity to register and ‘pitch’ their ideas to gain acceptance into the program via the RMIT Activator portal.

A new design identity was created to build awareness and encourage registration of interest alongside ads deployed across social media, RMIT’s website and micro campaign website. The ads targeted students, researchers and businesses with key messages:

  1. Got a great start-up idea?
  2. Want to accelerate your idea?
  3. Want to bring your research to market?

/// Outcome

A successful campaign, connecting audiences

We empowered RMIT with a new brand identity, delivering entrepreneurial experiences and creating value for all its audiences. All campaign assets pointed to the RMIT Activator portal to capture registration. By registering, users were then notified of the result and progress of their application.

RMIT activator homepage
RMIT activator wall posters
RMIT activator poster

/// Highlights

400 registrations in the first 4 days

“With almost 10 years’ experience in a global branding agency, working with Charles Elena was seamless and highly professional. They understand strategy, digital and develop impactful creative which makes a difference to the client’s business. And they’re a great group to work with.”

Renzo Scacco
Director RMIT Activator, RMIT University