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Building virtual experiences for events

By 26 April 2021September 1st, 2021No Comments

Building virtual experiences for events

/// Overview

Charles Elena was approached by event organisers from a leading tech company to bring its first virtual event to life

The collaboration created a digital platform that would re-imagine the event journey and immerse the audience in a phenomenal 3D experience.

The event brought together keynote speakers from the client’s partner companies with whom the audience could directly engage and interact. Our UX and UI capability, brought the audience into a virtual experience that was informative, inspiring and authentic.


4 weeks


Account manager
Creative director
UX/UI designers
Front-end developers
3D animators

Applied Processes

Creative direction
Product discovery


User interface
Event artwork
Front-end development
3D environments
Video assets

Virtual experience platform

/// Challenge

Creating a virtual community experience

For the virtual experience to remain authentic throughout, the online event needed to wholly avoid giving the users a basic website experience. We needed to create a virtual reality that would give the illusion of a real-life event and be fully immersive.

The main aim was to deliver an experience that was engaging and unique, during a time where these real-life events were not able to take place. The gap between technology, real-life experience and human-to-human interaction needed to be bridged via an immersive experience where the digital and real world could combine. Importantly, delivery of the experience was required within 4 weeks.

/// Solution

Technology-led innovation

We created mood boards for the 3D experience to unify all the elements and create a seamless walk-through event to simulate that of a real one.

Adding single-family colour tones and modern-looking furniture, we applied a minimalist visual language to the event spaces that was sophisticated and convincing.


3D spaces

Secondary effects, such as lighting the interiors and textures of the furniture and materials, were enhanced. We also superimposed the real people onto 3D human models for a more authentic look. Such additions uplifted the atmosphere and maintained a professional ambiance that was engaging and exciting.


Conference opportunities

To further improve the user experience, we introduced conference opportunities throughout the booths so each booth would present something unique – much like a real event.


Live speaker room

To save the time of executives, the agenda was re-designed, offering them an option to jump straight into the keynote theatre (live speaker room).

/// Outcome

Engaging event spaces

We provided an innovative solution in which our client could interact and engage with its audience in a time when real-life events are not possible.

After the live showcase, Charles Elena staff conducted observational research by immersing themselves in the event and experiencing it for themselves. We summarised our key observations in a report and delivered it to the client as constructive feedback.
This research helped our client to confidently produce more virtual events both internally and externally.

virtual event behind the scenes
virtual event booths
virtual event hall

/// Highlights

Over 500 live event attendees from around the world

12 keynote speakers

An additional 10+ virtual events delivered in 2020

Permanent user experience changes applied to the virtual platform for all future events
Supporting virtual communities and business throughout the COVID-19

“A critical factor in this was the use of a creative digital design agency which enabled us to apply a new way of storytelling. We engaged Charles Elena early in the process and they collaboratively worked with us to translate the win themes and our solution into creative messages and designed/implemented the approach to convey these messages.”

Micha Helbig
VP Regional Head Financial Services, Infosys