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Generating excitement with a new identity

By 26 April 2021September 1st, 2021No Comments

Generating excitement with a new identity

/// Overview

The Phillip Island Circuit (PIC) is home to the world’s leading motorsport series with more than 35,000 followers across its social platforms.

Charles Elena has been collaborating with PIC since 2016, managing its branding and marketing as well as developing the Australian WorldSBK campaign. We are responsible for the digital and traditional advertising, corporate event communications, race guides and marketing assets such as digital displays, interactive brochure and billboard advertisements, and event packaging for the more than 80,000 fans who attend the SBK at Phillip Island every year.
We are also responsible for the front-end and back-end development of PIC’s website, where fans have access to the latest news, event calendar, ticket packages and informative interactive event maps.


8-12 week process from ideation to market rollout


Project manager
Graphic designers

Applied Processes

Creative direction
Conceptual design
Finished art
Digital marketing
E-commerce (ticket sales)


CMS website
Online ticket packaging
Advertising campaign
Digital display banners
Email newsletters

Phillip Island Logo

/// Challenge

Re-energising a well-known brand – every year!

WorldSBK is already a well-known, reputable sports brand that is recognised worldwide. The main aim each year is to refresh the PIC brand in a way that is fresh and energising but also in keeping with its identity.

A recurring challenge is that we are always required to use imagery provided by WorldSBK while also promoting the identity of Phillip Island and its race tracks, beaches and famous ocean views. Our designers use the imagery captured during the previous year’s event as a resource for new assets for the commencing year’s marketing campaign. Using these images, we create attractive, impactful and versatile hero imagery that can be used across both digital and traditional media.

/// Solution

We established a hero image that we could then use as a source of inspiration for other marketing assets like brochures and EDMs.

This meant we could present a range of different concepts and graphical elements but still keep the central image the same so that the identity would always point to PIC.


Hero image

The layers we created around the selected hero image were carefully considered to ensure they represented the brand’s tone: fast, action-packed and high-energy.



We used graphical elements that directly relate to the area, such as sea waves, the beach, cliffs and summer, to emotionally engage the fans by connecting them to the location.


Beyond racing

To highlight activities outside the sporting event, we mapped out visual and content hierarchies that encourage families to experience the Phillip Island Circuit beyond racing. We use the unique location of PIC as a tool of attraction for the fans. We leverage the fans’ engagement by using illustrations that portray scorching summers and cool oceans.

/// Outcome

New year, new flavour

Every year, Charles Elena develops a different flavour of campaign assets for WorldSBK that is both refreshing and consistent. In all, we have single-handedly managed the ticket purchasing system for over 300,000 fans over the past three years. We successfully give fans a taste of what to expect and get them engaged and excited in the lead-up to the event.

Phillip Island billboard
Phillip Island website pages
Phillip Island presentation deck
Phillip Island flyer

/// Highlights

60% increase in organic searches

58% increase in new users visiting the site

56% increase in site access through mobile devices

Volunteer Officials registration micro-site
Multisite CMS for seamless event microsite managmenet