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Branding Solomon Island’s ICTSU five year strategic plan

By 26 April 2021September 1st, 2021No Comments

Branding Solomon Island’s ICTSU five year strategic plan

/// Overview

Enabling the Solomon Islands Information Communication and Technology Support Unit (ICTSU) to create a visual identity and enhance the communication of its five-year strategic plan

Charles Elena worked alongside consultants and government officials from the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) to brand the ICTSU’s five-year strategic plan, which was tendered by the Solomon Islands Ministry of Finance and Treasury and funded by the Australian Government.

We collaborated with the Deputy Director of Strategy & Innovation at ICTSU and ensured the SIG’s commitment to transforming and modernising the government was visually represented in our design.


4 weeks


Project manager
Graphic designers

Applied Processes

Creative direction
Graphic design
Photo retouching


Logo pack
Brand assets
Strategic plan video

ICTSU logo

/// Challenge

Since the document was open to the general public, it was essential to communicate the content in an easy-to-read, visually engaging manner that would be inclusive and understandable for everyone.

We needed to identify and prioritise key information and find a design language that would be both professional and appealing. Our second challenge was the ICTSU’s lack of a visual identity, including website assets and a cohesive visual system. In order for us to communicate their five year strategy in keeping with their brand identity, we would first need to establish and develop what that identity was.

/// Solution

Identifying what matters

Our first and most crucial step was to understand the purpose and vision of the strategic plan.

We collaborated with stakeholders across SIG to help us learn about the content, their implementation approach and key information the people of Solomon should know.



Together we identified four strategic goals that would resonate with people, public servants and businesses in a digital environment.


Colour palette

The next step was to visually communicate these four strategic goals in a meaningful, engaging way. This led to the development of a colour palette drawn from the Solomon Islands’ national flag and the assignment of a colour to each strategic goal.



We then needed to associate ICTSU with the four strategies and so we developed their brand guidelines. The logo was derived from the shape of a tribal drum that Solomon chiefs/heads of villages use to summon people together. The tribal drum is a symbol of communication and togetherness, and we used this along with secondary colours from our palette to re-create ICTSU’s brand identity.

/// Outcome

Empowered ICTSU

We empowered ICTSU with an identity and four strategic goals that act as an anchor for its five-year strategy.

The document is highly valued by all government stakeholders as well as the people of Solomon. In addition to the branding and visual communications, we also produced a video showreel, creating further awareness of the strategic plan.

ICTSU brochure

/// Highlights

80k copies of the document were downloaded

Digital delivery of the 5-year strategic plan to stakeholders

15k strategic plan video views across the government sector

Enhanced the relationship between the Solomon Island citizens and their government