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Accelerating product growth for Compass through a brand refresh

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Accelerating product growth for Compass through a brand refresh

/// Overview

Supporting a leading education technology company in communicating their product value and growing its school management platform on a global scale.

Compass is a leading education technology company that offers a comprehensive suite of modules to connect entire school communities. Over 1800 schools in Melbourne have simplified communication between students, parents, teachers and education stakeholders.

Charles Elena advanced Compass’s product marketing to support delivery of its Smart School Management Solutions and make technology a part of everyday school life.


4 weekly sprints from discovery to PoC creation


Project manager
2 UX/UI designers
Graphic designer

Applied Processes

Usability testing
Lo-fi / Hi-fi wireframing
Product testing
UI design


Product discovery
UX research
User journeys
UI design

Compass poster
Compass poster
Compass poster

/// Challenge

Driving awareness

To help Compass grow and further its outreach initiatives we needed to work with its marketing team to convey the product value to its users.

The objective was to engage and retain Compass’s clients and drive overall awareness of the product through various communication channels. The next challenge was the creation of a package in which the product could be communicated and distributed to its users.

/// Solution

Rethinking core messages that reach the right audience

The first step was to recognise the target audience so we could understand their needs, their pain points and their motivation for purchasing the Compass product.

Compass markets its identity to two contrasting audiences:

  • Children, parents and the general public
  • Stakeholders across the education sector

Once the target audience was championed, we developed product messaging to explain how Compass provides a unique value proposition that resolves school management issues. We broke down product messaging into six categories that would further help them from a marketing POV:

  1. Management and Reporting
  2. Attendance and Wellbeing
  3. Learning and Assessment
  4. Communication, Payments and Consent
  5. Schedule and Events
  6. People and Onboarding

We supported these product messages with visual and digital assets. These included digital advertising promotions, EDMs on how to use the platform, guides for each feature and case studies depicting how other schools use the product and individual features. Finally, to ensure the product packaging in which it was being distributed was engaging and adding value, we extended trial/demo support to Compass users. This allowed us to analyse the overall performance of Compass’s digital platform, notice any gaps in distribution channels, and monitor efficiency, pain points and customer satisfaction

CE dot pattern in black

/// Outcome

Global reach

Charles Elena has helped Compass grow from an already established Australian edu-tech platform to a global school management platform. We helped Compass establish key product values and a messaging framework to improve their business outcomes. We provided distribution strategies and pricing evaluations, and designed a communication method that best suited the target audience.

Compass logo
Compass colors
Compass webpage
Compass newlsetter
Compass slide deck

/// Results

60% increase in customers across the education sector in Australia

40% increase in customers worldwide

70% increase in profits made during the pandemic as all the education facilities went digital

A consistent product messaging framework
A well-defined product pricing
Communication packages to demonstrate product value

“A fantastic agency for all your design requirements. They’re flexible and responsive, yet still produce work to a high standard.”

Chris Liebetrau
Head of Marketing, Compass