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The 5 best coffee spots to get your creative caffeine kick.

By 27 February 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments

Melbourne Coffee

Sir James Mackintosh once said “The powers of our mind is directly proportionally to the quality of coffee we drink”. So I guess it’s lucky that Melbourne is spoilt for choice when it comes to banging beans. Our creative team has put together some suggestions on where to find Melbourne’s best coffee to help give your day a java jumpstart.


1) Milky Joes

Urbanspoon: 87%

Why We Think it’s Melbourne’s Best Coffee:

Milky Joe’s is one of the many coffee options located in the QV food court. Getting coffee from a food court can be risky business with many stores mastering the mystifying feat of combining burnt beans with cold coffee (I don’t know how they do it). Joe’s on the other hand combines two of our favorite things, coffee and convenience. The standard coffee here is double shot, smooth and served quickly making it the perfect morning pick me up.

Summary: Quick and strong coffee for a perfect start to the day.


2) 2Pocket Fair Trade

Urbanspoon: 95%

Why We Think it’s Melbourne’s Best Coffee:

2 Pocket is part ethical fair trade retailer, part café. Along with their lattes and espressos they also sell knits, decorations and over 80 varieties of fair trade chocolate. Their aim is to run a coffee shop that is sourced ethically and empowers disadvantaged producers. Coffee with a conscience is a cool idea and with coffee this good it’s easy to get behind.

Summary: Saving the world has never been so delicious.


3)Project 219

Urbanspoon: 94%

Why We Think it’s Melbourne’s Best Coffee:

Project 219 operates out of the old “Importer of Hardware” building on Russel St. The design and décor of the cafe pays homage to the buildings previous use. There is a fantastic low key D.I.Y feel with plenty of comfortable couches and a large blackboard menu. The space also has a real creative feel. There is a book swap library for punters and a box of magazines labeled “free for art.” As well as killer coffee they also have an interesting array of sweet and savoury crepes on offer.

Summary: Coffee, crepes and creativity.


4) Manchester Press

Urbanspoon: 90%

Why We Think it’s Melbourne’s Best Coffee:

Manchester Press is the quintessential trendy café. It’s in a laneway, everything is hand made and a lot of effort has gone into making it look effortlessly cool. It was worth the effort. Manchester Press serves some of the best brewed beans Melbourne has to offer and your first pot (you’ll probably have more than one) comes with really impressive coffee art (which our designers appreciate).

Summary: Trendy laneway coffee done right.


5)The League of Honest Coffee

Urbanspoon: 92%

Why We Think it’s Melbourne’s Best Coffee:

When we first went to The League of Honest coffee we were nervous, it would be a shame for such a fantastic name to go to waste. Luckily, this place doesn’t just have one of the best business names we’ve heard, it is also a solid candidate for Melbourne’s best coffee. There are a huge variety of fantastic single-origin beans to choose from. Unlike many boutique coffee shops, The League of Honest Coffee is really spacious, so you can enjoy you cuppa comfortably.

Summary: Comfort, coffee and one of the best names in history.