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Try out some of our favourite Melbourne winter warmers

By 15 July 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments
Laksa King: Image by That We Like

Laksa King: Image by That We Like

Cold winds, frosty windscreens and rains as erratic as Travis Cloke’s kicking for goal, it must be winter time in Melbourne. There are two options here, you can batton down the hatches and kiss your social life goodbye or you could show the cold who’s boss and take advantage of some fantastic Melbourne Winter Warmers. From soup and hot chocolate to stews and curries our creative team has the hot tip on where to go to put some warmth in your belly and a smile on your face.


As far as Melbourne winter warmers go, soup is a fantastic place to start. A nice big hearty soup is a great way to get out of the cold and into the kitchen and we have some fantastic offerings with flavours from all around the world.

Laksa King

Urbanspoon: 89%

Laksa King has quickly turned into Melbourne institution. Despite moving into a bigger venue in 2010 it is still constantly packed. It seems people can’t get enough of it. With good reason too, their Laksa is just that good. It’s a rich aromatic broth with a perfect balance of creamy coconut flavour and the right amount of chilli bite served with a huge variety of meat or vegetables.

Recommendation: Any of the curry Laksa’s

Soul Soup Café

Urbanspoon: 92%

A mix of progressive and traditional soups home made and served fresh. The soups are made based on seasonal availability and can vary from traditional favourites like pumpkin and minestrone, through to more creative combinations like coconut and carrot or green lentil and honey. Regardless of which way you go it’s going to be hot, hearty and full of flavour.

Recommendation: Thai pumpkin soup

Pho Dzung

Urbanspoon: 78%

Pho is a sensation around Melbourne and when it comes to Pho, Pho Dzung is the real deal. This place ticks all the boxes. Crisp clear broth with aromatic spices, fresh rice noodle and your choice of tender meat. Is is also one of the few Pho places that serve a great vegetable and tofu pho.


Main course Melbourne Winter Warmers

If something a little denser is what you are after than you’re in luck as there a lot of amazing stews and curries which are amazing Melbourne winter warmers

Moroccan Soup Bar

Urbanspoon: 90%

Don’t let the name fool you. Morrocon soup bar serves neither soup nor alcohol. I don’t even know if it is Moroccan. What it does serve is a feast of breads, dips and most importantly hearty stews. Mixes of curries, lentils all served hot and with an explosion of flavour which makes it a fantastic winter warmer. Be warned this is one of the Melbourne winter warmers with a real cult following.

Recommendation: $20 banquet and bring some take away containers, you’re going to need them

The Commoner

Urbanspoon: 87%

No winter warmer list would be complete without a roast. The Commoner offer consistently good hearty roasts with all the trimmings. Fill up and go home and hibernate.

Recommendation: Sunday roast.

Spud Bar

Urbanspoon: 97%

As far as franchises go Spud Bar is a reliable Melbourne winter warmer that can be found all over town. Take a couple of beautiful roast spuds and top with your chosen meats, salads or stews and serve for a cheapy and hearty winner

Recommendation: Chilli bean spuds

Hot Chocolate

No list of Melbourne winter warmer’s would be complete without the hot chocolate and we have a huge competition for the title of Melbourne’s best hot chocolate.

Koko Black

Urbanspoon: 93%

For the serious chocolate lover Koko Black is a definite favourite. It’s 54% melted Belgian dark chocolate with frothed milk is a chocolate lover’s dream .It’s rich, dark velvety chocolate flavour is the perfect way to thaw out. For the more adventurous they also offer a great chilli hot chocolate.

Recommendation: Belgian hot chocolate

Lindt Café

Urbanspoon: 79%

If you prefer your chocolate a little milker and sweeter then Lindt café is the one for you. Another hot chocolate that has a large quantity of pure melted chocolate. This sweet milky cup of warmth is like a great big hug. One of the best Melbourne winter warmers.

Recommendation: Milk hot chocolate

Max Brenner

Urbanspoon: 77%

Max Brenner are a Melbourne favourite when it comes to chocolate. There hot chocolate menu is pretty impressive. Offering varieties such as salted caramel or spicy Mexican there is sure to be a hot chocolate fix for you.

Recommendation: Italian thick hot chocolate