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Hot Dawgs!

By 4 September 2013May 7th, 2021No Comments

So two days before his trip to Vegas and the Big Apple we thought we’d go out to lunch for our gunman Robert G’s trip (aka Rob Dawg, aka Google Rob, aka King of Bell Street). We knew he was coming back, but hey any excuse to bounce around and explore the world’s most liveable city right!? So, as it turned out we couldn’t agree on a place UNTIL I spotted a little flyer that said $3 Hotdogs $3 Pots – ummm…  It was a moment of clarity – Hot Dogs for Rob Dawg! Decision – made! Booyeah!

Backstory – all my life, as far as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with Hotdogs. I used to wait patiently for my mom to come home from work and bring me a waffle dog from the markets. Let me tell you the obsession is alive and kicking to this day.

Anyway, back to Rob’s lunch thingo – I finally rallied the troops to walk around the corner, roughly 25 steps, to Tattersalls Lane. The sign said Ferdydurke. The little handmade flyer was on the door. Let’s do this!


The Dogs were bangin’! A few of us had the ‘Polish Ma Dog’ a frank with topped with beetroot and horseradish salad and beer braised sauerkraut – it was slightly sweet, subtly salty, and it was superb! I followed that bad-boy up with the ‘Dirty Furke’ a frank with chilli fire beans and cheese. This is a dog you’d return for. If this was life, the Dirty Furke would be that girlfriend/boyfriend that you know is bad news, but you just can’t seem to break up.

Oh, I forgot to mention – the buns!!! The best way I could describe these little gems of carby bun-goodness is if a brioche fell madly in love with and a slightly sweet soft baguette and they had pixie photo babies. That’s pretty amazing! There are a few more choice combos on the menu we’d like to try so we’re looking forward to our next Ferdydurke excursion. Like Star Wars, the first one was really good, but Empire Strikes Back was even more amazing! Watch this space!

*Ferdydurke is a cool little spot at 31 Tattersalls Lane Melbourne CBD.