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Who serves the best ice-cream in Melbourne

By 30 November 2014May 7th, 2021No Comments

Tis the season to be jolly. Things really do heat up for Summer in Melbourne. It’s the time for bbq’s, beaches, Christmas but most importantly it’s time for ice-cream. Whether you’re into classic no fuss mixed gelato or after a fresh freeze nitrogen ice-cream we’ve done the hard work for you and checked out all the hot spots to find the best ice-cream in Melbourne. Enjoy.


Pidapipo on Lygon Street

Gelato done right. Whether you’re trying to combat the summer days or sweeten up the nights, Pidapipo is Melbourne’s go-to authentic gelataria located appropriately in the Italian district on Lygon Street.

You can get your gelato in a classic cone, blended up in a frappe, or even served in between a brioche bun. Serving classic flavours like pistachio and coffee to unique creations such as parmesan-honey-fig or mint with white chocolate, the extra cold gelato here nails a new take on a classic taste.

Miinot Gelato

Miinot Gelato is the newest artisan ice-creamery to open up in Melbourne’s north. If you are after some delicious next level ice-cream but don’t want to brave the beards and parking nightmares of Brunswick and Collingwood Miinot has you covered. Hidden in Pascoe Vale South between what looks to be derelict shop fronts, Miinot has a small but ample selection of flavours. The fruity flavours use completely natural fruit bases making Miinot is big on flavour.

N2 Gelato

N2 Extreme Gelato is the most unique ice-creamery you will find. They have an ever changing menu of 6 or so flavours and only one size. The ice-cream is frozen fresh to order. You read that right. There are no tubs of pre-frozen ice-cream here. The ingredients are mixed and frozen with liquid nitro after you order. The unique experience doesn’t end there N2 flavours are seriously one of a kind with varities like Milo Crème Brulee, peanut butter jelly doughnut and vegan coconut and chocolate.

Gelato Messina

Not content with dominating the Sydney frozen foods market Gelato Messina has come to our fair town and staked it’s claim for the best ice-cream in Melbourne. With flavours like apple pie, dulce de leche (Argentian milk caramel) and coconut and lychee, Gelato Messina is the ice-cream this city deserves.

7 Apples

No trip to St Kilda should is complete without a pit stop at 7 Apples. Whilst the beach may be a little dodgy the ice-cream in St Kilda is legit, at least it is at 7 Apples. There is a nice array of sorbets, fruit ice creams that have a really natural flavour and a surprisingly delicious pink grapefruit ice-cream. 7 Apples is definitely home of some of the best ice-cream in Melbourne.


South of the river is under represented when it comes to the best ice-cream in Melbourne. Luckily Cones, based in Hawthorn is representing. Cones offers all the favourites with one or two twists. There is a wicked Acai bowl and crostata siciliana made with fresh creamy ricotta.