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Principle of Mission

By 25 June 2021October 5th, 2021No Comments

Principle of Mission

With Vessi O’Mahoney from Coles

5 October 2021 | 1–2 PM
The Speaker

Vessi O’Mahony

Engineering Delivery Manager at Coles

You are exclusively invited to our first Masterclass, featuring engineering-leading strategies and best practices for increasing team performance. We are very excited to welcome, Vessi O’Mahoney as our first guest speaker.

Key themes

  • Principle of Mission

Command and control and autocratic organisations are challenged to move at speed and can often miss the opportunities right at their fingertips! There is a fundamental ingredient missing with this model (amongst many!) and that is the ability to connect people to a common purpose. Employing servant leadership values and principles, our main objective should always be to define a clear and meaningful purpose and empower the organization to apply its diverse talent to a unified mission.

Join us on Zoom and learn how to bring in high performing team practices to your day-to-day. On the day, click on the button below to join the webinar.

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