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Steps to setup an email account on: iOS Devices

In this help article you will find step-by-step instructions how to set up your Open-Xchange (POP/IMAP) mailbox in Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Steps 1

  • IMAP configuration instructions:1. In Outlook, on the Tools tab, click Accounts

Steps 2

  • In the Accounts box, click Other Email.

Steps 3

When you are on the Enter your account information box, enter the following information.

  • E-mail address: Enter your complete email address
  • Password: Your e-mail account password
  • User name: Enter your complete email address
  • Type: IMAP
  • Incoming server:
  • Select the Use SSL to connect (recommended) check box
  • Use the default secure IMAP port 993
  • Outgoing server:
  • Select the Use SSL to connect (recommended) check box
  • Use the default secure SMTP port 465

Server Port Numbers:

  • Incoming server: 993
  • Outgoing server: 465

Important Note: If a local firewall or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks ports 993 or 465, you can use the alternative ports below. Make sure to check the Override default port check box first.

  • Incoming server (IMAP): 143
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): 587

Steps 4

  • Click Add Account.

Steps 5

When you have successfully added the email account, it will appear in the top left pane of the Accounts box. Outlook will also begin synchronizing your emails. The following additional settings steps 5.1 and 5.2 are optional
Related to Incoming Server:

  • The IMAP accounts are synchronizing all mail folders between Outlook 2016 and the mail server. You can manage the sync frequency by clicking on the Advanced button. This will open the Server settings box, where you can change the Sync all IMAP folders period. By default, it is set to 2 minutes
Related to Outgoing Server:

  • For security reasons, our outgoing (SMTP) server requires authentication. By default, Outlook 2016 will automatically configure your outgoing server to use your incoming server credentials. In order to make sure that the outgoing server settings are properly configured, click the More Options button and verify that you are using the setting below:
  • Authentication: Use Incoming Server Info

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