Online Marketing Video Is Key To Captivating Your Audience

Videos are an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to connecting with your audience quickly and creatively. You can communicate so much in so little time. Combining visual elements with audio and written messaging provides an effective online marketing video for your clients. Moreover, videos offer insight into your organisational…

10 Video Content Marketing Tips from a Melbourne Agency

As video becomes the preferred medium of marketing, standing out with quality content is now more difficult than ever. We have developed 10 tips that will give you the competitive edge in making and marketing video content in Melbourne. Know your audience. Hitting your key demographic is the most essential…

Building your brand’s image through a great video experience

Video is no longer just a medium of entertainment. The ease and speed of creating and sharing has also shaped video a medium of information. Today, every agency’s question should be, “how do we create the best video experience for my brand?” 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as…
Video advertising

Video advertising on Twitter

Image by Andreas Eldh Video advertising has a new playground. Twitter has recently stepped up its efforts to make the social media network more video marketing friendly. Twitter has been beta testing a promoted video service. The world’s second largest social media website has been testing a service that would…

How to create a script for your corporate video

Video stands out. 80%  of people surveyed can recall at least one corporate video they'd watched online in the last 30 days. So how are you going to use it for your brand? From teaser videos and product demonstrations to viral marketing videos and testimonials the options are seemingly endless.…

Is video the missing link in your digital marketing?

People have quickly taken advantage of faster internet speeds and made watching video a huge part of their online activity. In fact, video is expected to carter for over 50% of internet usage over the next three years. On the other hand many businesses have been slower to take advantage…
Charles Elena - Video Production Services

3 corporate video production services to bring your brand to life.

If you’ve seen the latest trends in online marketing you may want to find a company to look after your businesses video production services. By now most of us would have heard content is king when it comes to online marketing. What you might not have heard yet, is that…

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