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Graphic Design

How Graphic Design Can Make Your Brand Memorable

By 6 September 2019May 7th, 2021No Comments

Finding the right graphic design studio should be one of the first steps of any branding process.

Given the information overload consumers are faced with, any tool that can grab your audience’s attention is valuable. Digital media has and increased the number of ways that design can be used to connect any brand with its customers. Our Melbourne-based graphic design team understands the importance of a strong brand identity.


Here are four ways that graphic design can enhance your brand identity:

It communicates your brand message

Brand logos are essentially brief snapshots of everything your company has to offer. People make an assessment of a brand in roughly 10 seconds by looking at their logo. Additionally, a website receives an even quicker response. First impressions count when choosing which company to invest time and money in. Being able to communicate what your brand is about – in less than 10 seconds – will either capture customer attention, or lose it.

It increases customer loyalty

It’s no surprise that human beings are drawn towards visually stimulating material. That’s a no-brainer. But experience has proven that the more aesthetically pleasing a company visual is, the more confident customers will be with their purchase decision. It’s worth investing in a graphic designer to help create a visual that will communicate trust and consistency.

It stays in customers’ minds.

Consistency is key when it comes graphic design. Especially if you are formatting multiple visual elements for the same company (e.g. logos, info-graphics, website, packaging etc.). This ensures that a company’s brand message keeps cropping up time and time again, which in turn leads to better sales. Potential buyers are more willing to pay attention to visual information, especially if they’ve already seen it.

It attracts the right kinds of consumers

Graphic designers have a strong understanding of how the human eye works. They know which visual aspects will be the first to capture attention, where the eye rests on a page, what colours elicit certain emotions etc. Basically, they know how to attract consumers. Graphic designers have a keen understanding of who their target market is, and what content would be the most appealing to this audience.

Visually appealing designs make information appear more fun. It also encourages consumers to share content, as it’s much easier to communicate brand identity via images than it is by text. This means the right design can help you generate organic word of mouth from your customers.

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