Corporate Templates

Charles Elena has a range of corporate document designs to suit all businesses.

Not only can they improve worker productivity, but they also save businesses valuable time, resources and money

Our Melbourne design studio offers a range of corporate document design services, covering everything from newsletters to PowerPoint slides.

It is important that a company has a consistent brand identity when presenting information to the public or other businesses. Fixed corporate templates can make a business appear more reputable and professional when sending emails, letters or when giving presentations.

Our corporate document designs are clear, concise and developed exclusively for your business. They make your company’s documentation effective, uniform and most importantly, easily manageable. Fixed corporate templates enable businesses to be more cost-effective. Having letterheads already set out on a document means that employees don’t need to re-write or position the logo and contact information.

Charles Elena’s corporate templates also leave little room for error.

Charles Elena’s corporate templates make it easy for all employees to send out communication that is professional and consistent with your brand. With the information already positioned, workers who are not familiar with design concepts don’t have to format layouts themselves. This minimises room for error or inconsistencies in your documents. It’s also an advantage for workers and clients, as they become familiar with the corporate style and where to find specific information.

Our corporate document design services include:

  • Case studies and miscellaneous templates
  • Product specification documents
  • Newsletters
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Services guides

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