Experience Design

Our graphic design Melbourne agency develops creative designs for clients in a variety of industries.

Charles Elena’s team work to understand your brand’s core ideas, values and messages. We use this to produce engaging designs, layouts and templates that highlight your brand identity.

If there’s one thing that our team understand more than most here at Charles Elena Design; it’s the power of imagery. From logo design and icons, right through to websites and and social media campaigns – our state of the art software and expertise in the field could be the answer to your businesses’ graphic design needs.

What Can We Do For You?

Your business could provide the highest quality services at the most affordable prices. But without the right graphic design promoting what you do, you could end up struggling to reach the right audience

How Can We Help?

Regardless of your target market and no matter the industry that you work in; our team are as knowledgeable as they are experienced. We’ll get to know about you and your needs before beginning the design process. Our graphic design team utilise the most effective methods to creative captivating visuals for any occasion.

What Can We Design?

We approach the design process with flair and creativity. From business cards, posters, banners and flyers, right through to website layouts, logo design, promotional materials and much, much more. We aim to maximise online marketing and advertising material for our clientele. Our team comprises of experienced Melbourne graphic designers.

Why Choose Us?

Our Melbourne graphic design team have a wide range of experience in fields other than just graphic. We also dabble in photography, video production, web development, social media and branding. We make sure that your business is covered from a holistic standpoint.

Where Are We Based?

Our design studio is based in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. This allows us to correspond with clients from around the globe, whilst ensuring that our business is easily accessible to locals and visitors alike.

Who Can We Help?

No matter where you are situated and regardless of your industry; our team at Charles Elena Design have helped companies of all sizes – and from around the world. Our Melbourne-based specialists are always on hand to offer creative advice and guidance. If you want more information on some of our previous projects, get in touch today.

When Might You Need Our Graphic Design Services?

If you’re a start up looking for a productive design agency, if you own an established business and want to rework your visuals, or if you simply love the ideal of enjoying world-class design that gets the job done; we’re sure that we’ll be able to help.

Our Promise

When choosing us, we promise to remain professional, approachable and willing to help at all times. When working with your business, you will have our full attention and consideration. We’ll discuss your terms, and provide a quote that best suits your needs.

Our Graphic Design Experts and Their Skills

We have a dedicated team of highly trained and skilled graphic designers. This allows us to bring a unique set of capabilities to the table for each and every design project that we undertake.

Our Work

We are committed to meaningful and impacful work. Explore some of our work below