Developing a Brand Style Guide for Companies

A brand style guide is an indispensable asset for both large and small businesses.

It is particularly important for companies that engage with a number of internal and external departments. Melbourne brand agency.

Charles Elena, have a team of experts with extensive experience in branding companies and can help your business reach its potential through developing a detailed style guide for your brand.

A corporate style guide will ensure your brand identity is applied consistently. It does this by informing employees about details such as the company’s trademarks, logo variations, fonts, colour schemes, the brand’s tone of voice, personality and values. With this information clearly outlined, companies can more effectively convey the brand’s key messages at every opportunity.

Visual consistency is vital to building a strong brand with equity. Even minor things such as website buttons, icons and the language used must be outlined in a style guide to achieve consistency. Branding companies should always strive to build a visually consistent brand, as it results in increased consumer awareness of the brand, enabling brand recognition and recollection.

Charles Elena Melbourne has developed style guides for government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations. Our Melbourne studio’s corporate branding experts take a case-by-case approach to highlight existing problems with the brand portfolio and propose measures to help your company achieve its goals. When branding companies, we always educate ourselves thoroughly about a company’s values, personality, history and future aspirations to create a complete and tailored style guide.

Melbourne brand agency Charles Elena has a comprehensive style guide that will ensure everything your brand does is visually consistent, identifiable and memorable.

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