Brand Strategy

Charles Elena’s professionals provide frameworks to deliver a strong brand strategy for your corporate brand.

Our branding services focus on creating brand essence, personality, attributes and values to create a thriving corporate brand.

Deliver the brand’s core idea

Right from the beginning, our team determines the brand essence – or in other words, the overall ‘theme’ of your brand. For example, your company’s theme could be ‘innovation’ or perhaps even ‘trust’. Asking these questions enables our strategists to develop a strategy and create the visuals such as, style guide documentation, taglines and logos. While logos, advertising and taglines may slightly change over time, the most successful brands continue to stand by their core idea and their visual identity is consistent. Our team ensures the brand’s core idea is communicated internally to employees and externally including website and advertisements.

Brand personality

Brand strategy also involves considering what characteristics the brand wants to project about itself to the public and potential consumers. Charles Elena believes it is vital to build distinguishing and long-lasting brand associations. This ensures consumers can instantly associate certain qualities. Such qualities may include adventure, seduction, individuality – whatever it is, we can deliver!

Brand attributes

Charles Elena’s branding professionals work to differentiate your company from other corporate brands. To do this, we collaborate with clients in order to determine the physical and personality attributes of your brand. We then create consistent marketing campaigns around these to make your brand easily identifiable and memorable to consumers.

Brand values

Values are fundamental to company branding because what we believe impacts our behaviour. A brand’s values should reinforce the company’s vision. Charles Elena will ensure your company’s values align with those of your target market. In turn, this builds a personal connection with consumers and will attract a loyal base of brand followers.

Our Work

We are committed to meaningful and impacful work. Explore some of our work below