Brand Identity & Visual Development

There is more to business branding than creative.

To engage viewers with your brand, our business branding experts develop a consistent brand identity and appealing visuals to effectively convey the company’s messages, values and ideas.

The Charles Elena team build successful brands. We start by creating a unique logo and brand identity. Once the company’s identity is in place, our talented graphic designers get started on creating your brand’s visuals.

Creating a logo that’s core to your brand identity

The logo and brand identity form the complete promise your brand makes to its consumers. Charles Elena will help your company determine its brand identity – that is, the brand’s values, personality, key messages and ideas, before creating the visual elements. This incorporates the logo, colour schemes and visual devices that are consistently used by the brand for advertising and promotional purposes. These elements enable the public to easily identify your brand.

Conveying the brand message

At Charles Elena we put careful consideration into every aspect of our designs to ensure they highlight the strengths of your business. We create logo’s, symbols and visual graphics that will consistently convey the key messages of your brand. Our designs will ensure that your brand identity is clear to your public, making your brand more appealing to your customers.

Appearance is everything

Visuals are crucial to business branding, in fact 90% of memory is based on visual elements. Our designs are able to engage viewers, capture their attention and make them remember your brand. Our designers understand that branding is a business function. That’s why we work with you to ensure our designs reflect your brand’s values and identity. This means people won’t just remember a brand image, they will remember a brand personality.

Our Work

We are committed to meaningful and impacful work. Explore some of our work below