Account-based marketing

Building the foundation to empower sales and marketing teams to work together and achieve exceptional results.

Expand into new verticals and grow your business with existing high-profile clients. Integrating design with ABM strategies, our clients develop and enhance their partnerships with new businesses. To triumph on new proposals, our multidisciplinary team puts together valuable content, delightful customer experiences and targeted campaigns that help our clients to succeed.


Account-based marketing

Our goal is to use design as a holistic tool across sales and marketing to give customers a seamless experience. Human-centred design helps our clients collaborate on a common goal with their potential new business partner.

ABM template assets

Over the years, Charles Elena has played a significant role in bringing together sales and marketing teams from big tech companies across the globe. We use our strong communication skills to enable sales and support business functions with ABM strategies between two companies. When an ABM between relatively large companies is successful, a partnership between two brands is created and, with that, a series of assets is produced to help stakeholders communicate.

Supporting strategies

We bring consistency in the way businesses market themselves and help them to be easily recognisable. This allows customers and clients to quickly get familiar with what the ABM between two companies has to offer. Additionally, we give businesses a robust visual foundation to communicate its confidence in its offerings and expertise. We help businesses communicate data and promote their services.

Our Work

We are committed to meaningful and impacful work. Explore some of our work below