iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

iPhone, iPad and Android Apps offer businesses new ways to connect with their customers, especially brands that have target markets that regularly use social media, smartphones or portable devices.

Charles Elena’s mobile app developers create unique apps to engage your target market.

Online advertising is key to any successful business in an increasingly digital world. Charles Elena Melbourne’s online branding company can help your grow your brand.

According to a 2012 ACMA Communication Report, half of Australians go online daily. So what does this mean for companies? A promising opportunity for companies trying to sell their message to an internet-based audience.

However, it’s not just how you advertise something on the web but where you advertise your business that’s also important. In order to determine the best way to advertise your brand online, Charles Elena’s online branding company team ensures it understands your company and its target audience.

There are a number of online advertising tools that can assist your online branding. Some of the most important tools to consider are :

Social networks – Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube are a great way to advertise your business, especially if your products or services are specifically geared towards a tech-savvy or younger market. According to an AIMIA Yellow Social Media Report, 62 percent of Australian internet users access social media, with 36 percent of those users accessing social media more than once a day. This makes social networks an integral part of all online branding strategies.

Search engine marketing – Ranking high on popular search engines such as Google is a top priority for any successful online venture and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to achieving this. Most online users don’t look beyond the first few pages so it’s easy to see why SEO is important. Charles Elena’s online advertising team strive to increase your ranking on popular search engines using a range of techniques, including using popular words and key phrases that are regularly searched.

Blogs – Blogging can be a fantastic tool for your business, particularly if your company aims to inform and educate the audience about the business or relevant industry. Charles Elena takes the time to understand your brand and what the target audience is looking for to develop content for your company’s blog.

Optimised display advertising – Our online branding campaigns run over multiple channels, where we have the ability to further use push-and-pull ads based on live performance statistics. This gives our display ads the best opportunity to perform on partner sites under the set budget.

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