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Three reasons you should be developing a digital magazine

By 13 July 2015May 7th, 2021No Comments

In a world where content is king it is surprising that the valuable and seemingly limitless platform of digital magazines is still under utilised. As digital magazine publishers Melbourne we are aware of the scope and benefits of distributing engaging branded content across mediums in one magazine.

Digital Publications

Digital magazines allow you to combine text, images, animation, videos, slideshows and interactive design in the one communication. This allows you to capture the immagination of your audience and keep them engaged building your relationship and increasing your contact points. The benefits of digital magazine publishing include:

Enhanced user experience

The variety and scope of digital magazines means they are more interesting, exciting and engaging for your users. Rather than having your content defined to large slabs of texts or videos that may the user may not be able to watch at that time, a digital magazine gives users a variety of content allowing them to select and engage with the parts that is suitable for them at that time.

Reduced distribution cost

Digital magazine publishers in Melbourne operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional magazines. Online distribution cuts out all of the printing and mailout costs meaning you are offering your audience a better experience at a lower cost to you.

Enhanced analytics

Digital tracking allows you to see what areas are drawing the attention of your users. Heat maps can tell you where the audience is stopping whilst click throughs give you a great understanding of what is making your audience act. This allows you to create content and branded messages that are alligned to your audience.

Digital magazine publishing has the potential to transform traditional brochures into engaging entertaining customer touch points or create a new branded communication channel between your brand and it’s customers. Regardless of your chosen use you should talk to digital magazine publishers Melbourne about the right way to harness the power of digital magazine for you.